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Corporate Anti-Racism: Time to Take Action

March 12, 2021

More than ever, corporations across the country are waking up to the call to tackle systemic racism and ensure that their workforces are more diverse and inclusive. But what does a corporate anti-racist strategy actually look like? READ MORE 



What’s Wrong with Political Correctness?

Jan. 31, 2021

In today’s workplace, having diverse teams with people of different races, genders, and other identity groups is critical — but navigating different groups of people and personalities isn’t always easy. In an era of political correctness, people can begin to feel judged or blamed, not only for what they say, but how they say it. READ MORE 



You Launched a Diversity Initiative in 2020 – Hooray! Now What?

Jan. 14, 2021

If you are like many organizational leaders in 2020, you likely kicked off a diversity initiative to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of women and people of color. But after you’ve made these first steps toward an inclusive workplace, how do you know you’ve been successful? READ MORE 



Leading Inclusively: It’s All About the 21st Century Leadership Skills

Dec. 15, 2020


Many organizations implement a diversity program in the hopes of avoiding bad publicity, but wonder why they don’t see long-term change. They hire a VP of Diversity and Inclusion and roll out bias training – now we’re fixed, right? Guess what – that doesn’t fool anyone! READ MORE 



Mindset Shift: The First Step to Building Inclusive Workplaces

Nov. 11, 2020

Plenty of organizations want to create an equitable workplace, and yet only 18% of women say their companies have done something.   (Interestingly, 51% of men think their companies have made a difference). The reality is that lasting organizational impact begins with shifting mindsets.   READ MORE 



The Next Smart Step

Oct 7, 2020

Our new book, The Next Smart Step: How to Overcome Gender Stereotypes and Build a Stronger Organization, provides organizations with a roadmap and action plan to reassess their practices and train employees on the 21st century skillsets needed to reach their goals.   READ MORE 



The Need for Inclusion and Unity is Urgent

Sept. 11, 2020


2020 has been an unprecedented battle for the country, as we face the challenge of flattening the curve and confront difficult conversations on race. The pandemic has reached epic proportions and nationwide protests by the Black Lives Matter movement show no signs of stopping.  READ MORE 



3 Ways to Observe Your Way Into Inclusion

Aug. 11, 2020


I was speaking recently with a group of mid-level business leaders about the return from COVID. They were mentioning how their senior leadership was making plans while ignoring the implications of schools not reopening this fall. The people I spoke with described how unaware these executives were — how they had no idea about the struggles parents are experiencing right now.  READ MORE 



The Top 10 Excuses for Excluding People and What to Do about Them

July 14, 2020


A lack of diverse teams unequivocally hurts business innovation — yet many firms are still using excuses to keep women, people of color, and other minority groups out of the boardroom and leadershipIn our conversations with corporate leaders and talent managers, we’ve heard it all.    READ MORE 



“Bias Blindness” as a Barrier to Inclusion

June 12, 2020

As the country erupts with racial tension following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, communities and workplaces have become battlegrounds of debate.  The Black Lives Matter movement and protestors seeking justice for George Floyd have been met with resistance and outrage. READ MORE 



How to do D&I

May 13, 2020

Times of crisis may be unsettling, but they can also be the catalyst needed for change. This could be the black swan event that rallies us to address the diversity and inclusion issues we’ve been ignoring for far too long. After all, with organizations turning their focus on HR departments to lead during the stressful time, now’s the time to act. READ MORE 



HR Leaders: How Will You Leverage COVID19 To Make Your Role More Strategic?

April 17, 2020

If you are an HR or D&I leader, COVID19 has likely redefined and REFRAMED your role in significant ways.  The crisis has provided you a perfect opportunity to shift from being thought of as a “nice-to-have” cost-center to an invaluable resource for keeping the wheels on the bus for your organization. How about leveraging inclusion to innovate in ways never previously imagined? READ MORE 



Enough with the Talk: Taking Action for Inclusion

February 19, 2020

It’s 2020!  Gender inclusion is a business imperative, not a nice to have.  But what is incomprehensible is the lack of serious strategic action.  Real progress in inclusion requires assessment, training, goal-setting, and action.  Leaders need better skills.  Processes need to change.  Allies need to step up. Why is this not happening with inclusion? READ MORE 



Why Mentorship Matters For Employee Retention

February 10, 2020

On the internet, there is a famous adage that keep making rounds every now and then — it reads: people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. In recent years, the HR sector has been placing more focus on work-life balance and employee wellness. However, even the most balanced working environment can continue to lose the best people if they fail to provide good guidance. READ MORE 



Welcome to 2020 at Orange Grove

January 13, 2020

Over the last 3 years, there have been so many changes in the world of gender equity and inclusion. All this has happened against the backdrop of companies managing an increase of millennials in the workforce, low unemployment rates, and a reality that a high number of employees are disengaged with increasing burn out.
How does one make sense of it all?



Benevolent Sexism: How Well-Meaning Stereotypes Hurt Women in the Workplace

October 9, 2019

With the growing focus on gender inequality, recognizing blatant instances of sexism in the workplace — such as sexual harassment and pay discrimination — has become more common. But what’s trickier is identifying the consequences of seemingly well-meaning stereotypes about women as they take on leadership roles at work. READ MORE 



Moving Forward: How Millennials are Pushing for Workplace Inclusion

September 11, 2019

Because millennials are pushing the envelope on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it’s important for businesses to understand that the new era of talent come from a wide range of backgrounds. To shape a workplace culture of the future, organizations will need to re-examine their policies to reflect changing attitudes toward equality and diversity. READ MORE 



Navigating #MeToo in the Workplace: Reframing Common Assumptions

August 12, 2019

I heard a man recently say he “didn’t know how to act around women at work anymore,” in response to #metoo. The career consequences of this for women are obvious: lack of mentorship and being held at arms length serves as yet another barrier to women’s ability to penetrate the inner circle of top leadership in an organization.   READ MORE 



Bring on the Male Allies: Accelerating Inclusive Organizations

June 10, 2019

In the wake of the #Metoo movement, people are buzzing about inclusion and gender equity in the workplace. But women are still not advancing to leadership positions at the same rate as men. The state of women in the workplace is clear: Women’s progress is stalled. So what’s an organization to do?  READ MORE 



Women Can Have it All: 10 21st C. Skills for Success

April 4, 2019

Why do women find work-life balance so hard?  Why is “having it all” such an elusive quest?  Why haven’t women yet reached equality in the leadership ranks? Many professional women on the pursuit of career success identify themselves through their work, abandoning their own needs and exhausting themselves in the process.  READ MORE 



Q&A on Strategic Gender Equality with Jodi Detjen

May 15, 2019

Orange Grove Consulting Managing Partner Jodi Detjen was recently quoted in Boston Globe article about getting women into the top ranks of leadership. In the following Q&A, Jodi elaborates further on how organizations can take a more strategic approach to gender equality. READ MORE 



Ready to Be a Male Ally? Try Looking Through These “Ally Lenses”

March 7, 2019

As we launch our Male Allyship survey, we wanted to present a male point-of-view on the topic. We turned to one of our diversity partners, Eric Ratinoff, to share his view of Male Allyship, and what he thinks men can do to support women in the workplace.  READ MORE 



Women-Only Leadership Training: Why it Matters

February 7, 2019

One piece of the gender parity puzzle that we concentrate on at Orange Grove Consulting is women’s leadership development. The most common response we receive: “Isn’t separating out women exclusive and unfair? Men don’t get that opportunity.” Here’s the deal simply put: Navigating male-dominated workplaces is hard.  READ MORE 



Dispelling the Top 5 Myths About Women in the Workplace

January 21, 2019

Myths are stories we believe are true but are in fact not. We’ve consistently found that women are being held back in their careers because of myths — we want to shift that. Check out the common assumptions that women face in the workplace and ways to reframe them.  READ MORE 



I’m Tired of Walking on Eggshells – Diversity Fatigue: What it is and How to Avoid it

December 13, 2018

One of the most discouraging things for a Diversity and Inclusion leader to overhear is frustration expressed that including diversity in the workplace is “too hard” or worse, that “we’ve gone too far.” Since minorities and women remain under-represented in leadership in many American businesses, it seems clear that diversity has not “gone too far.”  But what has happened is the approach to educating has become uncomfortable for the learners.  READ MORE 



Women in Leadership Training – 5 Steps to Figure Out What Works for Your Company

October 24, 2018

There are so many reasons why women-only leadership programs exist, all of which focus on career development and progression. But there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to implementing a program. At OGC we recommend 5 steps to figuring out what would work for your organization. READ MORE 



Gender Bias – You Must See It to Believe It. How Will You?

July 26, 2018

When organizations wonder why more women aren’t advancing into position of leadership, it’s often because patterns of gender bias remain scattered and invisible. In order to enable women to move more successfully into senior-level positions, companies have the ability to first explore and understand the dim universe of gender bias — through the lens of a gender audit — in order to bring these hidden barriers into clearer focus, and apply prioritized solutions for change. READ MORE



Ignoring Women’s Voices Isn’t Just Annoying – It’s Bad For Business

June 6, 2018

The best business decisions require balancing multiple perspectives, stakeholder interests, and skillsets. In the course of our work, we hear women say their voices are often shouted over, ignored, or dismissed. In this month’s blog we are sharing a few way organizations can ensure the quiet voices in the room are heard. READ MORE



Managers: Here are 3 Things You Can Do to Promote More Women

May 3, 2018

Feeling the pressure to increase the number of women promoted across your organization? There are three key ingredients to understanding why women aren’t making it to the next level at the pace or numbers possible. We’ll share a few of those barriers, as well as an approach to overcome them. READ MORE



Men’s Fears of #metoo Showcase Conflicting Gender Perspectives

April 6, 2018

“I want my female colleague to stop touching me.”

At a recent session with men, I was asked why women seem to be able to freely connect physically with male colleagues, whereas men fear losing their job or harassment lawsuits when they communicate physically. This frustration reflects a fear men have that #metoo will go – if it hasn’t already – too far and turn into false accusations or ways of penalizing men for otherwise “innocuous” behavior and a double standard. READ MORE



How to Get More Women Into Leadership? Give Men Time Off

March 12, 2018

There’s plenty in the news about getting more women into leadership. But, increasingly, companies are dialing into the reality that gender equity is not going to change until men are involved as well. A key ingredient? Paternity leave. Yes, it seems like a small lever! But, if companies not only implement but also provide the unconscious bias training to support men taking it, the impact will be palpable. READ MORE



Sexual Harassment is a Sign You Have a Gender Power Gap in Your Organization

November 29, 2017

Women are collectively sharing some degree of harassment in the workplace because of their gender.  Nearly every woman we have spoken to since the Weinstein case exploded has shared a story of how they too have at some point been marginalized in the workplace for their gender. So, what can sexual micro-aggression and harassment tell you about your work culture?  It is a symptom of a gender power differential.  And the good news is, you can fix it. READ MORE



What Gender Bias Sounds Like: “You Are Our #1 Female Leader”

October 17, 2017

When bicycles were invented in the 1800s, women were encouraged not to ride them because the contraptions were viewed as “un-feminine” and it was widely argued, women did not have the strength necessary for such exertions. It is easy to look back at our history and laugh. And yet, much of today’s workplace is still dripping with gender bias about what women can and cannot do… Read More



Why Some Working Mothers Quit — and What We Can Do to Help

September 8, 2017

While 75% of women say they prefer to work, often, when confronted with just how difficult it is to “try to have it all,” women succumb to the pressure to “put family first.” And unlike for men, where “family first” means have a good job to provide for the family, for women, that really means “get home to the kids”. READ MORE



Managerial Training: Collaboration and Diversity Require Different Managerial Skills

August 22, 2017

Given that managers play such a pivotal role in creating the inclusive culture needed for successful collaboration, how can we train managers to develop collaborative and inclusive teams? There are four key aspects: perspective, voice, responsibility and adaptability. READ MORE




Why So Much Focus on Women?: 5 Steps to Addressing Men’s Concerns about Gender Equity

July 17, 2017

When it comes toWomen’s Leadership Development, some men seem bewildered that women are getting so much attention and some even feel threatened by the focus. They defend their workplaces as a meritocracy, a truly American belief-system that rewards ability and effort with success. While it’s easy to… READ MORE



Is “Bro Culture” Thwarting Your Efforts to Recruit Women?

June 13, 2017

Bro Culture Thwarting EffortsOutside of trade shows, on billboards and in break rooms, while organizations may claim to be taking official steps to hire women, “bro cultures” and “good old boys’ clubs” still function to make women feel like outsiders in a workplace. And while businesses may claim to be committed to recruiting and hiring women, a closer look at the products they sell, the advertising they circulate, and the culture they project may tell a different story. READ MORE



Tales from HR… I Have to Ask My Husband

May 9, 2017

I have to ask my husband3

HR recruiters have reported to us that when women are offered promotions, they frequently say, “I have to ask my husband.” Whether they mean to or not, women who reply in this way send a signal that they are not as interested in or committed to career advancement. When considered for promotion, men leave the excuses at the office door.  Women bring them in. But why? READ MORE



Not Enough Women in Your Pipeline? Think Again.

April 6, 2017

Not Enough Women in Your Industry Pipeline- Think Again. Header Image

In 2016, Facebook reported that the numbers of women and minorities employed in its U.S. work force remained largely unchanged from the previous year.  The company cited the “pipeline” as the problem:  there were not enough women and minorities entering the tech industry. We hear this all the time. In actuality, the U.S. pipeline is full of highly trained workers eager and ready to be hired. In this blog, we outline 10 strategies for building a more diverse workplace. READ MORE



“You Look Nice Today” The New Language of Gender Bias

February 10, 2017

-You Look Nice Today- Header Image

Instances of sexual misconduct and harassment are egregious. Upon this, we all agree. Corporate leaders should not use power and influence to prey upon subordinates.  But gendered language is trickier. It can be difficult to know where the lines are drawn. Something that seemed acceptable to say 10- or 20- years ago may not be okay today. A Nebraska state senator. READ MORE



Myth: Women Just Need a Seat at the Table

November 29, 2016

There is this idea out there that if women can get themselves into high-powered rooms – be they boardrooms or situation rooms – the struggle will be won.  Once in that room, a woman can simply turn on whatever wisdom, charm, or acumen got her there in the first place, and not only will she hold her own, she will thrive.  All she needs is a place at that table.

But the male-dominated workplace… READ MORE


Myth: The First Woman to Take the Job Needs To Be Perfect

August 25, 2016

We hear this a lot.  When an organization (or a nation) considers the first female for an important position, the bar is set very high.  As well it should be.  Top executives should be smart and savvy, innovative and strategic.  They should inspire employees to dream bigger, and challenge all personnel to learn, grow, and adapt.  An organization has a right to expect the best from its top hires.

But it should not expect more than that. READ MORE

Join us Sep 15 and Declare Your Value

August 18, 2016


This women’s career lab is designed to prepare senior female business leaders and female rising stars to transform into strategic leaders and own the value that they bring to their organizations. Together, with nearly 100 female leaders, you will experience a day of interactions, modules and coaching exercises to shift the way you understand your value, translate that value to others and strategically determine how to increase your value. READ MORE

Myth: We Are Diverse. We Have One Woman On Our Leadership Team.

July 19, 2016

Women make up 51% of the population of the United States.  They earn 47% of all law degrees, 48% of all medical degrees, and 44% of all master’s degrees in business and management.  They are 47% of the U.S. labor force.  But they only hold 14% of the top jobs. READ MORE

Myth: Recruiting From The Best Schools Will Promote Diversity In Our Organization

July 6, 2016

There are plenty of top-notch colleges and business schools that attract talented students.  And companies have historically relied quite heavily on that talent pool.  Those highly selective schools work hard to create diverse classes.  They attract students of different gender, race, and cultural backgrounds.  It is easy to believe that if you recruit graduates from these schools, your organization will develop into an equally diverse place to work. READ MORE

Myth: Keep Your Head Down. Work Hard. And You Will Be Rewarded.

June 14, 2016

Slide1We really want this one to be true.  We want to believe that if you go to your job every day, and sit at your desk, and get your work done, good things will happen.  Promotions will be handed down.  Respect will come your way.  But often this just isn’t the case.  All you really ensure by quietly doing your job well is that folks will imagine you doing that same job in that same way forever.  That is IF they even think of you at all. READ MORE

Myth: Women Are Natural Networkers

June 6, 2016

We hear this a lot: if you set women up with a network, networking will happen. Because women are social beings, right? They form book clubs and go to one another’s trunk shows. They buy raffle tickets and attend charity events. All of this camaraderie and friendship nurturing must make women good networkers.

However, the reality is that often women join networking groups and plateau. READ MORE

Myth: She Quit To Be With Family

May 10, 2016

Overheard: “She quit because she wants to spend more time with her family. No wonder we can’t get more women in management.” True? Think again: Women quit because they aren’t being paid sufficiently. Women leave to find better opportunities.

When we label it as she quit to be with family, guess what – we don’t have to do anything! We feel free of responsibility. READ MORE

Myth: The Best Negotiator Deserves The Raise

April 24, 2016

Women are regularly counseled to negotiate more (and our research suggests that women assume that they “shouldn’t”). But there’s an underlying assumption being made: Why are raises distributed based on someone’s ability to negotiate? No one has found a link between ability to negotiate and ability in a job but organizations regularly pay more based precisely on that skill. READ MORE

Myth: Women Have To Sacrifice Their Careers For Their Spouses

April 11, 2016

Managing Partner Jodi Detjen was interviewed for both the myth and the reframe and discusses whether women have to sacrifice their careers for their spouses.  LISTEN NOW

Myth: She Doesn’t Want The Promotion

March 4, 2016

Have you heard that women just aren’t ambitious? Women are happy with where they are. Men ask for a promotion all the time but women? Hardly ever.

Recent research suggests that women are equally as ambitious as men but often get frustrated and blocked by existing corporate structures… so this percentage drops precipitously two years in and even more when they start a family. Many believe they “shouldn’t” make career their first priority because family is “most important.” There’s no time for promotions anyway. READ MORE

Myth: Women Are Not Effective At …. [Fill In The Blank]

February 18, 2016

Women are not effective negotiators. They don’t think strategically. Women need to network.

Heard it before? The subtext is that women aren’t quite ready yet for leadership. They need to get some training or mentorship to help them. And the message women hear is clear: I’m not good enough.

The result? Women don’t put themselves up for promotion as much as men. They wait until they think they are 100% ready before they think they are ready. They take fewer risks. Your talent pool for leadership is smaller. READ MORE

Introducing Women’s Leadership Myths… Women Need Flexibility

January 30, 2016

Based on our research, both men and women equally – especially in the Millennial generation – need and more importantly, demand flexibility. We’ve been hearing all around the country that dads want to be involved in their family affairs as much as their female counterparts. No wonder that the DOL issued a new policy of paternity leave and books like All In by Josh Levs, a former CNN journalist, are popping up right and left. As a result, flexibility is no longer an obstacle but rather a prerequisite that fuels workforce high performance and leadership pipeline regardless of gender. READ MORE

Welcome to 2016!

January 1, 2016

Happy 2016! We look forward to helping you grow as a leader this year, make a HUGE impact and inspire others. And we would love to know what topics YOU particularly care about… If there’s an obstacle on a path to what you want, whether it’s external or internal, we’re here to be your support squad and get over that hurdle.